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4 Best Exo Drones for Thrilling Aerial Adventures

In the thrilling world of aerial exploration, there’s a vast array of options for drone enthusiasts. Yet, when it comes to exo drones, the excitement level reaches new peaks. These sophisticated drones are built to extend the limits of exploration and offer awe-inspiring aerial views.

But with the multitude of options available, how do you select the ideal exo drone for your own exciting adventures? In this article, we’ll introduce four of the finest exo drones that are sure to enhance your aerial adventures. With their remarkable features and unmatched performance, these drones are a must-have for any thrill-seeker.

So, if you’re prepared to take your aerial adventures a notch higher, read on as we present the four top Exo drones that will leave you wanting more.

Best Exo Drones Review
Best Exo Drones Review

Key Takeaways: 4 Best Exo Drones Reviewed

In the exciting realm of aerial travel, drone enthusiasts have a wide variety of choices. However, exo drones bring a whole new level of thrill. These high-tech drones are designed to push the boundaries of exploration and provide breathtaking views from the skies.

Still, with so many options at hand, choosing the perfect exo drone for your adventures can be a challenge. This article is here to help, offering a rundown of four of the best exo drones that are guaranteed to enhance your aerial experiences. Their outstanding features and unparalleled performance make them an absolute must for any thrill-seeker.

So, if you’re ready to take your aerial travels up a notch, read on. We’re about to introduce you to the four leading exo drones that are sure to leave you eager for more.

EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone (Matte Black)

Rating: 4.4

EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone (Matte Black)
EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone (Matte Black)

The EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone in Matte Black is an ideal pick for those who are passionate about aerial adventures and are in search of a high-performance drone laden with advanced specifications and user-friendly controls.

This drone is FAA-approved, equipped with brushless motors, and can reach a top speed of 26MPH, promising a thrilling flight experience. It features three-speed levels and has a wind resistance of level 5, ensuring a smooth and steady flight regardless of the conditions.

The joystick controls are highly precise, allowing you to easily maneuver the drone. The drone is capable of capturing 4K photos and 2K videos, enabling you to obtain amazing aerial shots. It is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and a 1/3-inch Sony Sensor that ensure exceptional stabilization and image quality.

With a half-mile range and a flight time of 25 minutes per battery, the EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone provides plenty of opportunities for exploration.

It also comes with over ten smart features including GPS return-to-home and obstacle avoidance, which not only improve user experience but also guarantee safety. In summary, the EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone is a dependable and powerful tool for any aerial adventure.

It’s great for Aerial adventure enthusiasts who want a high-performance drone that’s loaded with advanced features and easy to control.


  • The drone is FAA-approved and has a level 5 wind resistance, ensuring secure and stable flights.
  • It has 4K photo and 2K video capabilities for capturing excellent aerial footage.
  • It comes with over ten smart features like GPS return-to-home and obstacle avoidance, which improve the user experience and ensure safety.


  • The absence of third-party accessories and motor noise could be a drawback.

EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone for Adults (Red)

Rating: 4.5

EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone for Adults (Red)
EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone for Adults (Red)

If you’re an adult seeking an exciting experience in the sky, the EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone for Adults (Red) is a strong contender. This drone is FAA-approved and comes with high-performance features that make it a joy to fly.

A key highlight is its long battery life, which allows for an extended flying time of up to 26 minutes per battery. The drone has a control range of 3500ft and a live-feed range of 1750ft, so you can venture into the sky with assurance.

Its 4K camera, which is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and a 1/3in Sony Sensor, can take stunning photos and videos. The brushless motors, the three-speed levels, and the level 5 wind resistance of this drone ensure that your flights are smooth and steady.

It also offers a GPS return-to-home feature and other smart modes such as follow-me and pin-fly mode, making your flying experience even better. The EXO X7 Ranger Camera Drone for Adults (Red) is simple to set up and control, making it a trustworthy and exhilarating option for your sky adventures.

Best Suited For: Adults interested in a top-of-the-line camera drone with sophisticated features.


  • Battery life lasts up to 26 minutes per battery
  • The 4K camera comes with a 3-axis gimbal, ensuring stunning photos and videos
  • The flying experience is improved by the GPS return-to-home feature and other smart modes


  • The video output resolution is limited to 1280×720 pixels

EXOTech BlackHawk 3 Pro Drone with 4K HDR Camera

Rating: 3.35

EXOTech BlackHawk 3 Pro Drone with 4K HDR Camera
EXOTech BlackHawk 3 Pro Drone with 4K HDR Camera

If you’re an adventurer or a photography enthusiast desiring exceptional camera quality and an extended battery life in a drone, the EXOTech BlackHawk 3 Pro Drone with 4K HDR Camera is a top-notch choice.

Its professional 4K HDR camera captures breathtaking 200mbps HDR 4K video and features a 48-megapixel camera for high-resolution images. You can even get clear shots in low-light conditions, thanks to its enhanced night mode.

One of the major highlights of this drone is its impressive 53-minute battery life, which allows for prolonged and uninterrupted aerial adventures. It comes with adaptive flight modes such as Sport, Film, and Normal, offering flexibility and control based on the speed you prefer.

The drone also boasts smart navigation features like obstacle avoidance, Follow-me, Return to Home, and GPS-enabled Route Fly Mode, providing a secure and convenient flying experience.

However, it’s worth noting some downsides. There have been reported issues with incorrect APP and documentation, as well as a lack of support and warranty coverage.

What makes it great for adventurers and photography enthusiasts?

  • The professional 4K HDR camera captures breathtaking video and high-resolution images.
  • Its ultra-long flight time of 53 minutes allows for prolonged aerial adventures.
  • Smart navigation features provide a secure and convenient flying experience.

What are the drawbacks?

  • There have been reported issues with incorrect APP and documentation.
  • There is a lack of support and warranty coverage.

EXO Recon Drone with Camera Kit (HD 1080p/4K Video, 35-Min Flight Time)

Rating: 3.1

EXO Recon Drone with Camera Kit (HD 1080p4K Video, 35-Min Flight Time)
EXO Recon Drone with Camera Kit (HD 1080p4K Video, 35-Min Flight Time)

For those who enjoy capturing high-quality aerial footage and photos, the EXO Recon Drone is an excellent choice. Its camera is advanced, with a 48-megapixel capacity on a 1/1.3in CMOS sensor.

This ensures that you can take impressive shots irrespective of the lighting conditions. It comes with an array of features such as HDR, f/1.85 aperture, and night mode that make taking professional shots an easy task.

The EXO Recon Drone is also capable of recording 4K UHD video at 200mbps. This is made possible by its advanced 3-axis gimbal, which provides clear and cinema-grade footage. With a flight duration of up to 35 minutes and a range of over 5 miles, this drone is ideal for extended aerial exploration.

Adding to its appeal are features like obstacle avoidance, Follow-Me, Return to Home, Quickshots, Hyperlapse, and over 15 other built-in smart features. However, it is worth noting that there have been a few concerns about its durability and control. Despite this, the EXO Recon Drone remains a great option for those seeking to capture breathtaking aerial footage.

Suitable for: Individuals who wish to capture professional-grade footage and beautiful photos.


  • Advanced camera with a 48-megapixel capacity on a 1/1.3in CMOS sensor
  • Ability to record 4K UHD video at 200mbps with a 3-axis gimbal for clear footage
  • Includes features such as obstacle avoidance, Follow-Me, Return to Home, Quickshots, Hyperlapse, and more than 15 built-in smart features.


  • Some concerns about durability and control.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Exo Drones

Choosing an exo drone requires careful thought and consideration. Key characteristics such as how stable it is during flight and its capability to avoid obstacles are critical.

It’s also wise to compare the performance of different drones, and access their durability, and how they are controlled. Consider how long the battery lasts, and the quality of the camera before finalizing your decision.

All these elements play a central role in ensuring that you choose a drone that suits your needs.

Key Features

When deciding on an Exo drone, it’s necessary to closely examine a variety of features. These include the drone’s top speed, wind resistance, camera capabilities, smart features, flight time, control range, ease of setup and control, and user reviews.

The drone’s top speed defines its flight speed, while its wind resistance ensures it can maintain stability in varying weather conditions. The quality of photos and videos it can capture is determined by its camera capabilities, making this an important consideration for those looking to capture stunning aerial footage.

Smart features such as obstacle avoidance, GPS return-to-home, and follow-me mode, add to the drone’s functionality and simplicity of use. Battery life, control range, and live-feed range are key to a long and enjoyable flight experience.

The drone’s ease of setup and control, including the precision of its joystick and its smart modes, are factors that contribute to a hassle-free and user-friendly operation. Lastly, it’s worthwhile to read through user reviews as they can offer valuable insights into the drone’s flight performance, durability, customer service, and any additional accessories.

Performance Comparison

Choosing an Exo drone involves a careful look at a variety of performance aspects. You’ll want to inspect elements like the maximum speed, how well the drone can handle wind, how long it can stay in the air, and the specifics of its camera. You should also consider the range of the drone’s controls, the smart features it offers, its battery life, and the different flight modes it supports.

The drone’s top speed and wind resistance will affect its ability to take dynamic, high-action shots and remain stable in tough weather conditions. How long the drone can fly and its battery life is key to allowing extended flights and recording sessions.

The details of the camera, such as resolution, stabilization, and sensor size, will directly influence the quality of the photos and videos it can produce.

Considering the drone’s control range and smart features is also essential as these factors can provide more precise control and advanced flight modes for capturing more creative shots.

Durability and Control

When choosing an Exo drone for thrilling sky adventures, it’s important to think about durability and control. These factors greatly influence the drone’s crash resistance, its stability in bad weather, and its accurate joystick controls for the best flight control.

Durability comes into play with wind resistance and the drone’s ability to survive crashes. This ensures that the drone can meet the needs of daring flights.

Accurate joystick controls are vital for keeping control, especially in difficult weather conditions and during fast flights. Brushless motors add to the drone’s durability and control by providing a smoother and more dependable performance.

Additionally, features that help avoid obstacles can boost both durability and control by lessening the chance of crashes and damage during the flight.

When choosing an Exo drone, it’s also important to consider how wind resistance affects it. Drones with higher levels of wind resistance can better maintain stability and control in bad weather.

Battery Life

Paying attention to the battery life of an Exo drone is a key aspect to consider during the selection process. The battery life essentially dictates how long the drone can fly per charge, which has a significant impact on its practicality and efficacy.

Having a longer battery life means you get more flight time, giving you the flexibility to capture more aerial video or carry out tasks for longer periods. Conversely, a shorter battery life might mean you need to carry extra batteries for extended use, which could affect the drone’s portability and ease of use.

It’s also worth noting that the battery life can influence the cost of running the drone, as you might need to replace or recharge the battery often for continuous use. Therefore, it’s recommended to check the drone’s advertised flight time per battery and see if it fits your usage requirements and needs.

Camera Quality

When choosing an Exo drone, one must not overlook the importance of camera quality, which significantly influences the overall drone experience. Pay close attention to the camera resolution, especially if you are keen on capturing high-quality photos and videos.

Drones equipped with high-resolution features like 4K photos and 2K videos are ideal. The sensor size is another critical element that impacts image quality. For instance, a larger sensor like the 1/3in Sony Sensor can capture more light and detail, leading to better images.

Stabilization is equally vital. A drone with a 3-axis gimbal can provide stable and clear footage, improving your drone experience. Smart features can also augment the camera’s functionality. These include features like GPS Return-to-Home, Follow-me, and Pin-Fly mode.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider customer support and the durability of the camera. A robust and reliable camera offers a better chance of a lasting and satisfying drone experience.

Range and Flight Time

When selecting an Exo drone for your sky-high escapades, there are two key aspects to take into account.

The first is the drone’s range, which tells you the maximum distance it can travel away from its controller.

The second is its flight time, indicating how long it can remain airborne with a single battery charge.

Drones that offer longer ranges and flight times can be useful for extended enjoyment and versatility. However, these features should align with your specific needs and purposes.

For instance, if you’re into aerial photography, and mapping, or simply enjoy flying for fun, longer ranges and flight times might be advantageous.

Therefore, a careful evaluation of these elements can help in achieving a satisfying and exciting drone flying experience.

Smart Features

As you choose an Exo drone for your sky-soaring operations, pay attention to the smart features that improve both the user experience and the level of control. These components can contribute significantly to your drone flying abilities, adding an extra layer of excitement to your aerial adventures.

Key features to keep an eye on include GPS return-to-home, follow-me mode, and obstacle evasion. Thanks to these, your drone can skillfully navigate its environment and autonomously go back to its starting point when necessary.

Some drones also have smart modes such as fixed-point surround and pin-fly mode, giving you the opportunity to take distinct and lively shots. The ability to edit videos and photos within the app also offers a handy and adaptable way of producing impressive aerial visuals.

Furthermore, sophisticated smart drones may have a 3-speed gear control and a locate-my-drone function. These additions give you extra control and assurance.

Hence, opting for drones with smart attributes can significantly enrich your aerial explorations and result in a more pleasurable flying experience.

Customer Support

When you’re in the market for an Exo drone to enhance your aerial exploits, the level of customer support provided by the manufacturer should be a top priority. You should look for a company that offers customer service based in the United States and provides instructional videos.

There have been instances where customers faced issues due to incorrect app usage or unclear documentation, and this underlines the importance of having a dependable customer support team to address such concerns.

There have also been cases where customers felt let down due to inadequate support and warranty coverage, which can certainly be a disadvantage. Some customers have voiced their dissatisfaction about confusion and inadequate assistance from the customer service team. Other reviews pointed out incidents of misleading advertising and subpar customer service.

Hence, assessing customer support is a crucial step before making any purchasing decision. Make sure to read carefully through customer reviews and feedback to get a clear understanding of the kind of support the manufacturer provides.